All about LeuchocoJummy Blog


Welcome to LeuChocoJummy Blog. A beauty Blog where you learn more about maintenance and proper upkeep of your body, latest news on beauty products in the market and various styles that suit your lifestyle.


My main aim is to share vast knowledge for all wandering minds on beauty as I learn them to become a professional beauty-blogger. My blog will update you on

  • Current beauty and style news
  • Modest outfits for women especially Hijabis
  • Product reviews
  • New beauty product in the market
  • Makeup tips
  • Exclusive beauty products on sale and so on.

To sum it all up, LeuChocoJummy Blog exist to simplify your thinking on beauty and style. I promise to give it my all, for enquiries contact me on

I launched LeuchocoJummy on 15th of September, 2016 to help all the wandering and inquisitive minds on beauty and style.

Heart of LeuchocoJummy Blog

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Hello All, I am Jummy; a caterpillar of beauty blogging in South Africa. I am a budding biotechnologist with a passion for reading and sharing. I love shopping especially for natural skin care products, hand lotions and fragrances. A brown Nigerian currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.


I write product reviews, give tips on body-care, beauty and make up for all especially hijabi. I also write on current news on beauty and style as well as budget beauty products.

I love beauty, proper body care, DIY and of course make up though not a pro at that yet.

LeuChocoJummy was born out of a desire to learn and simplify beauty and share in a world with massive and rapidly changing trends. You can contact me on

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