HD Beauty Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

HD Beauty Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

Hope you, Beauties, all enjoyed the weekend. Well here is the HD Beauty Palette Review, Swatches and Photos as promised. I got it while on a shopping spree at Clicks recently and so far, I love it. The product is simply classy and nicely packaged with a flowery exterior (I fell for the flowers – so cute). Firstly, HD beauty Palette (R149.95) has 38 eye shadows in a mix of warm nudes and bright color pops of blue and pink.

pic of HD beauty Palette

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It has both pigmented matte and shimmer formula that can be applied to skin with ease.

Pic and swatches of eyeshadow 1

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Pic and swatches of eyeshadow 2

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Pic and swatches of eyeshadow 3

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The HD Beauty Palette also has 4 shades for the face, 8 lip colors, 1 eye shadow applicator, 1 lip brush and a medium-sized mirror.

Secondly, I will talk about the 4 shades for the face. It has

  • Matte bronzer: subtle with a matte texture to enhance chiseled and defined face. It will be obviously excellent for contouring.
  • Shimmer bronzer for the perfect luminous glow. It has medium pigment and requires a light hand hey, or else one end up looking like a disco ball.
  • Pomegranate/pink blush to bring glow to cheeks which I wasn’t really optimistic because more often than not, pink blush isn’t really harmonious with my dark skin tone.
  • Soft Pink blush suitable for cheeks to bring that subtle and slight glow to my cheeks.
pic and swatches of bronzer and blush

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I swatched the product as laid out in the palette. Here is my review and remark for each.

After swatching the first bronzer, I loved the matte texture and semi sheer coverage  but I was scared of it making my face look too cakey. That worry faded once I used it.  It actually have a barely there soft effect when I used it to contour my cheeks, forehead, jaw lines and nose. Well I loved the shimmer bronzer even before I swatched it. It delivered that luminous glow to my skin after I dusted it lightly on my nose bridge, top of forehead, cheekbones and tip of chin. The pomegranate/pink blush has a medium buildable formula that takes a while to actually blend out nicely on the skin and lasted for hours. Soft pink blush has a smooth and soft texture which is very sheer on my skin but has buildable coverage once applied with a damp brush.


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Lastly, the lip colors came in 8 shades of a buttery glossy formula. It moisturizes the lips well but does not really add color to the lips.  So I will be using it as a lip gloss or top coat for my matte lipsticks.

pic and swatches of lip colors

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Hope you had fun reading the review. Which of these shades do you like? Do leave comments down below.


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