Hijabi Interview Series 2

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Hijabi of the week

Hope you are tuned to meet the hijabi of the week.  Sharing tips on modest outfits and fashion in hijab-o-sphere (*Grin*, I made that word up just now), introducing Shakirat. She is a cool, vibrant and fashion-forward hijabi with unique retro style.

A brief bio about you

I am Shakirat Opeyemi, a Muslimah hijabi. I was thrown into this planet on 20th of march and I am the first child of my parent. I am a native of Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria

Being brought up in a Muslim family, when would you say that you started wearing Hijab comfortably and confidently?

I started wearing hijab when I was ten years old because I went to a muslim school which Hijab is part of the uniform.

What does Hijab and modest dressing mean to you?

Hijab and modest dressing is a sign of responsibility, it’s the best for a ratioanl Muslim woman.

What do you like most about Hijab?

It portrays me well in the society. I love being treated with respect; my hijab earns me a lot of respect.

Being a Hijabi, what kind of challenges have you been through?

There was a time I wanted to contest in a beauty pageant in my school, I was disqualified  because of my hijab. Life goes on, at least I tried.

Do you think the modern-day fashion cater to hijabis outfits needs?

In some way it does, you just have to make sure you rock the fashionable outfits in a modest way.                                                           Shakirat pic 2

How do you join trending fashion to your outfits?

I love fashion a lot, I don’t neglect any fashion, all I do is, mixing the old fashion with the new and it gives a unique retro look.

What beauty tips do you have for hijabis?

To the hijabis, try to create styles, treat your hijab like a treasure, and cherish it like a diamond. Try to make your hijab chic, stylish and modest.

Which of the current trending fashion outfit ideas or beauty tips do you like the most?

I love kimono, and am rocking it well

Any advice for an Hijabi-to-be that will like to start wearing hijab?

Though it takes a lot of courage and wit. It is now left to you to have an undaunted spirit to reach your set goal.

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