Makeup Product Mistakes

Makeup Product Mistakes

The first time I went shopping for makeup and I was amazed at how much products are available in the market – I am telling you, even the names are confusing. There was BB and CC creams, primers, glow pearls – the only primer this girl knew well is RNA primer for PCR.
I decided to take a chill pill and research to decide on the makeup that I need – I am not interested in buying stuffs shoved down my throat by sales rep which I might end up not using. Hence, I had to spend some hours scrounging to learn the terms and words of makeup products before I splurge on any ;). Here are the lessons and mistakes that I made so far while using makeup products.

#1 Foundation
The holy grail of makeup. You should see how this thing transforms faces like magic. Now imagine what happens when you apply a white paste to your face, freaky right. That was exactly how my face looked when I used a foundation that wasn’t for my skin tone, my face was chalky and ashy.


Lesson: only buy a quality foundation that suit your skin tone. You can never bend this rule unless you are getting the foundation for contouring purpose then it is allowed to choose a shade lighter and a shade darker foundation plus the main on that suits your skin tone.

#2 Concealer
Thicker form of foundation used to cover/ hide all the pesky spots, pimples, scar and other skin imperfections. I initially thought it serves function of a foundation so I used it all over my face and ended up with a fake doll-like face. Word of Advice, use this only when required and blend it in well.

#3 Bronzer
Just like the name indicates, it adds bronze color / glow to the face. I don’t know if I am the one that do not know how to apply this or what but it does nothing to my face.

#4 Contour powder/creams
Contouring is a technique used to shape and enhance some facial features. I could see an improperly blended shades on my face the last time I was brave enough to attempt contouring. My makeup techniques are still bare minimal, though improving.

#5 Eye pencil
To shape and define the eyebrows – at least I had one of this though it was in the wrong color probably why I looked like a mannequin when I use it – face palm. Lesson learnt the color of the pencil has to be close to skin tone.

#6 Eye liner
Eye liner adds depth, definition and vibrancy to the eyes. Every single time that I apply this thing to my eyelid (lash line); the line ends up skewed or too thick. I am too scared of poking myself in the eye with a pencil in the name of lining the eyes. My hands tremble like a leaf which means wacky lines. My eyes end up looking like a raccoon eye—sigh. I will keep trying till I get it right.

#7 Mascara
More like eyeliner for eye lashes. Mascara adds volume and thickness to the lashes. The mascara wand is easy to use but with unsteady hands, almost impossible to prevent smudging. I tend to forget that I have this on, my hand just go over to my eyes to rub it and Bam, burning and stinging sensation starts.
#8 Lipstick
Using the right shade of lipstick enhances the lips by adding color, texture and tone to it. I just learnt that it is a lie that all lipstick suits all skin tone. Ehm ehm, I decided to experiment and I used a bright pink lipstick since its spring. A shriek from my sis when she saw me was enough to tell me that it’s a makeup fail. If you are a brownie like me, it is advisable to stay away from neon colors or you might not like what you see when you look in the mirror.


Red, purple and deep pinks actually rocks. A quick swipe of lipsticks on the hand helps to choose ones that complement the skin tone. Notice how the last 3 suits my skin while I can’t say the same for the first 2.

• You need to follow a good facial regime (i.e. daily cleansing, moisturizing and regular exfoliating) to make sure that face is well nourished and healthy looking but you even attempt to enhance your beauty with makeup.
• You need to invest in a good primer if you want your makeup to last for long throughout the day especially if you don’t like buffing the face with more powder.
• If you are tad lazy like me, you can invest in a quality BB or CC cream – it is an all-in-one product that eliminates use of some makeup products like moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation. Superfast makeup hey.
• Moisturize your lips and stay hydrated to prevent lipsticks from making your lips drier.
• The most important advice, never go to bed with makeup on your face unless you want breakouts and rashes.
Oh you read it all, I hope you didn’t laugh at the epic makeup mistakes. Now that you are here, Beaus, what are your makeups fail moments? Be sure to leave comments. Sharing is Caring. Cheerios.


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