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Up-close and Personal with Ingredients in Organics Shampoo

  Organics Shampoo has always been favorite shampoo to cleanse and revive hair, I am sure most people will agree with me on this. Who wouldn’t want a shampoo bottle filled with purest essence of nature that nourish and increase hair shine? Well I do, with this in mind, I choose the Organics revitalizing shampoo

Easy Homemade Dry Shampoo Recipes

I recently discovered this gem, All thanks to Wellness Mama. My humble self just tweaked these 3 easy homemade dry shampoo recipes for cleansing hair especially when in a hurry. At first, I didn’t really fancy the idea of powder-ing my hair, I was like what a joke but a girl got to do what

Hair Care

Hair care and maintenance have been an important part of us (especially women) for ages. As a naturalista, I try several tips, products and so on to manage and maintain healthy hair  and scalp.