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Top 10 Superb Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (2)

Hello beauties, Pweeh, today marks the last day in 2016. Hope you are having a nice holiday. I would have posted this earlier but I had to take a mini break due to technical issues #blog revamp. In case you did not read the first part of this post, quickly do that here. Without further

Top 10 Superb Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Intense summer heat just kick-started here few weeks ago, super bright days that make the heart glee when one rise in the morning but the extreme heat and sweating, not so much. In summer, we all know how the skin loses hydration faster than one sink in quick sand. The best way to tackle this

November Beauty Product Finds

  With tired head and feet, I decided to share some of my November beauty product finds with my favorite readers. Being a house bunny, I haven’t really gone shopping in weeks excluding few online shopping *grin*.