Favorites 25 Youtubers Modest Styles

Youtube still remains one of the best social network where one can always go for inspiration regardless of the topic at hand. Meanwhile lifestyle videos by hijabis have become a very popular trend which some say it is to prove to the world that Muslims women are not oppressed. Ehmm.

Makeup Product Mistakes

Makeup Product Mistakes The first time I went shopping for makeup and I was amazed at how much products are available in the market – I am telling you, even the names are confusing. There was BB and CC creams, primers, glow pearls – the only primer this girl knew well is RNA primer for

Oh So Heavenly Waterless Hand Cleanser – Review

There are just some days when one is too lazy to keep slathering soap on hands to couple it with water all in the name of being hygienic, especially when frequent hand cleansing is required. Imagine working in a food industry – 5 hand washes won’t even cut it.  When I came across Oh So

Top 6 oils for skin care (2)

This is a continuation of the top 6 oils for skin care. 4. Castor oil Remember that unpleasant-smelling oil that your grandma and/or mum forces you to chuck down your throat to ease constipation – that is castor oil. It is extracted from castor plant. Castor oil has a light yellow color. It has mostly

Top 6 oils for skin care (1)

  Here is a list of the top 6 out of several oils that are available in the market – mostly for human consumption but I have a belief that anything that can be eaten is also suitable for use on the skin and hair. Like seriously, it has to be safe to be edible,

Karoo Foot Powder – Review

Everyone, I know we all know that awkward moment when you are about removing your socks/ shoes after a long day – wondering if the foot odour will be less or more. Up until last month, I have managed the mild version of this annoying issue which spring up from time to time, for few

Top 5 beauty hacks after a sleepless night

Beauty hacks for those days when you didn’t get enough night rest. The hacks will make you look like you did sleep enough.

Everyday Outfit Essentials for Men

How to be a classy man This is a sequel to the earlier post – my essential everyday outfits. I decided to write a version suitable for men in reply to comments from my readers *thanks for the inspiration*.

Everyday Outfit Essentials

Everyday Essential Outfits With the birth of my blog, I challenged myself to write at least 2-3 posts per week but life happens – flu and allergy seem to have other plans for me.

Face care: Besan flour peel off face mask

  Besan flour Peel off Face Mask