Top 10 Superb Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Top 10 Superb Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive skin Intense summer heat just kick-started here few weeks ago, super bright days that make the heart glee when one rise in the morning but the extreme heat and sweating, not so much. In summer, we all know how the skin loses hydration faster than one sink in quick sand. The best way to tackle this is by regular intake of water and using hydrating moisturizer and/or sunscreen to remedy the summer effect on the skin. Moisturizer is one of the most essential products, part of skin care regimen to keep up hydration of the skin. Though it is important to be careful in choosing the suitable moisturizer especially if one have sensitive and dry skin. In no particular ranking, here is the Top 10 Superb Sensitive Skin Moisturizer.

  1. SebaMed Moisturizing Cream

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - SebaMed Moisturizing Cream

Most excellent for: normal to dry skin

Tidbit on the product: It hydrates the skin while relieving dryness and irritations due to the high concentration of botanical B.napus phytosterols. A safe alternative to take care of irritated dry skin conditions. It is free of Fragrance, Gluten, Paraben, mineral oils, dyes and silicone oils. Nonetheless, it has been clinically tested for efficacy and skin tolerance.

Scientific findings: Phytosterols are compounds found in plant, mainly used as emollients in beauty products because they have chemical structure like cholesterol. National Institutes of Health published a report showing that there are more than 200 various types of phytosterols in vegetables and fruits. Few benefits of the compound as proven by scientific papers include: preventing skin from severe sun damage and aging, anti-inflammatory properties, repairing broken/injured skin (reference).

Where to buy: SebaMed Moisturizing Cream; R109 for 75 ml;

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  1. Cetaphil Galderma Moisturizing Cream

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - Cetaphil Galderma Moisturizing Cream

Most excellent for: very dry; sensitive; eczema prone skin

Tidbit on the product: non-greasy rich formula yet non comedogenic that is excellent to give intense moisturization to the skin. In addition, the formula is mild and non-irritating since it does not contain lanolin and fragrance. It has many humectants and emollients which makes it great to soothe, soften and hydrate skin.

Scientific findings: the emollients and humectants present in the cream have been clinically proven to prevent moisture loss by binding water to the skin cells. See more on emollients and humectants.

Where to buy: Cetaphil Galderma Moisturizing Cream; R74.95 for 125 ml;

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  1. Cleure Day Cream

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - Cleure Day Cream

Most excellent for: dry and sensitive skin as well as combination skin

Tidbit on the product: The cream has essential nutrients enriched with vitamins to give the best hydration to the skin. It also has Shea Butter and antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) which fight against harmful free radicals. Being a non-comedogenic product, it won’t clog the pores. It is also free of salicylate, paraben, fragrance and gluten.

Scientific findings: Shea butter, a beauty staple being used in Africa for years to moisturize and heal the skin. It is extracted from the seeds in the fruits of Shea tree. Furthermore, Shea butter is highly beneficial to skin because it is loaded with fatty acids and vitamins (A, E and F). In addition, A 2010 study found that Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties because it has cinnamate and acetate esters. Other compounds like palmitic and stearic acid enable Shea butter to boost the collagen production in the skin (reference).

Where to buy: Cleure Day Cream; $25 for 56.69g;

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  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Most excellent for: dry and sensitive skin

Tidbit on the product: has more emollients as well as natural oatmeal which provides long-lasting moisturization to the skin. Also, the lotion is nourishing and rich but non-comedogenic. Furthermore, it protects and maintains skin pH which in turn softens and soothes the skin.

Scientific findings: colloidal oatmeal has a long history of being an excellent treatment for skin conditions like dermatitis, rash e.t.c. Furthermore, A 2015 study showed that colloidal oatmeal have anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic properties because it has Avenanthranide compounds ad phenolic antioxidants (reference).

Where to buy: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion; R297 for 600 ml;

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  1. Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive Nourishing Cream

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive Nourishing Cream

Most excellent for: very dry and sensitive skin

Tidbit on the product: mineral oil-based cream that is extremely rich in emollients and fatty acids. However it readily absorb into the skin – giving lasting moisturization. Also, it repairs, protects and strengthens the skin with the aid of nourishing and soothing agents (i.e. Avocado extracts and Shea butter) as well as hydrating agents (i.e. Vaseline and Glycerin). Fragrance and paraben free.

Scientific findings: studies have shown the beneficial properties of Shea butter to the skin, it nourish and heal the skin cells (reference). Avocado extracts are rich in fatty acids, vitamins (A, D and E) and lecithin which are all beneficial to the skin – repair skin cells and protect skin from sun rays (reference).

Where to buy: Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive Nourishing Cream; R228 for 200 ml;

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Pweeh, so as not to bore you, I will complete the list in the next blog post. So stay put. Which of these moisturizers do you now use or borrow? Be sure to leave comments down below.

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